Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
Mobile Itinearies SARL, Chatou, France, operates the Blue Lion Guides apps for iOS, Android and the Website and further domains listed under point 5. 
Blue Lion Guides takes the protection of your personal data very seriously, and therefore we intend to be fully transparent about which data we use, as well as for what duration and for what purpose, or with which third parties, if any, it can be shared. When you use blue lion apps, certain personal data is provided to us. This personal data includes email addresses, IP addresses, device IDs, names and order numbers which are forwarded to us by Apple or Google after a purchase is made.

2. Purpose of data processing
Blue Lion Guides processes and stores data for the following purposes.

1. Blue Lion Guides services
In order to provide Blue Lion Guides' services, we receive data from Apple and Google. We store the order IDs of in-app purchases together with the aforementioned device records, for the purpose of unlocking or restoring paid app functionality or content. 

Should you grant the app permission to access your location information, it will be used for the map functionality both online and offline. Additionally, your current location could be used to send you relevant travel guide recommendations via push notifications.

2. Improvement and continuous development 

Blue Lion Guides is using third party services (Google Analytics, as well as Google Firebase), in order to improve its own service. This, for example, includes recording click events, which allow us to measure which path through our app the user has taken to purchase or show interest in a product. Based on such information, the app can be adapted, improved and made more user-friendly. While this data is in large part anonymized and aggregated, the third party service providers retain the possibility of storing and transferring this data for their own statistical purposes, also to the territories of other countries.

3. Advertising, recommendations and offers

Blue Lion Guides does not display paid third party advertising screens and banners inside the app.

4. Which data is collected through use of the app and for what duration?

The user transfers their data through the use of the Blue Lion Guides apps, which is then stored and used to provide use of the product. In case the user contacts Blue Lion Guides through channels outside of the app, such as email, this correspondence is also stored and, in most cases, extended through other information such as device records, app version and operating system version, in order to simplify the process of technical support.

a) Storage of data related to the device/internet connection

Blue Lion Guides processes and stores server logs for up to 65 days, in order to provide services as well as simplify technical support for our users. The data in question includes the app version, OS version, device ID, device model, IP addresses and sign-in specific data. 

b) Statistical data

Blue Lion Guides uses Google Analytics and Google Firebase services, in order to analyze usage behavior for the purpose of improving the app, to measure the success of the company as well as to simplify technical support in case of app errors or crashes.

Adjust allows us to measure both internal and external marketing outcomes. Using this tool we are able to measure the number clicks on links displayed both inside and outside of the app, and to see how successfully each of them performed. This service works with anonymized IDs based on a combination of different features (language, device, IP address, timestamp), but which are deleted after a period of 6 hours. 

No personal information is stored using Google Analytics in the app, and the remaining anonymized data is stored for up to 24 months.

Firebase Analytics stores information such as ad clicks, purchase events and additional details about the usage of the app for up to 60 days.

Firebase Remote Config helps to perform testing of new and/or experimental functionality in our apps and to measure its success with the help of our users, to finally be able to choose the best possible variant. The already collected data will be deleted at the latest 30 days after a request for deletion is made.

Firebase Crashlytics is a service which helps us to quickly discover errors in the app and to provide effective technical support to our users.

Google LLC fulfills the data privacy and protection requirements of the EU by maintaining a Privacy Shield Framework license, and is thereby permitted to store user data outside of Europe. The license can be found here.

d) Location data

Blue Lion Guides uses location data in order to provide the map functionality, as well as to send personalized recommendations for nearby places to the user. This data is not stored, instead it is just processed to provide various functionality. The permission to use this data can be changed at any time in the system settings of the user’s device.

e) Customer support

Should the user contact Blue Lion Guides using the app or the website, it is possible that certain identifying features (in addition to the email address) are sent along with the message, in order to provide the user with the optimal conditions for support. This includes the device model, device ID, app version, OS version and user ID, if applicable. 

f) Marketing activities

We may use the email address provided to us by you, as well as the permission to send push notifications to your device, in order to notify you about offers and news.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, by clicking the link at the end of every newsletter email, as well as through the privacy settings in the app.

The permission to send push notifications is given in a platform-dependent manner. You can change this permission at any time through the privacy settings in the app.

5. Website

In addition to the apps, Blue Lion Guides also operates the websites hosted under the following domains: and  as well as all associated subdomains.

5.1. Cookies

Blue Lon Guides websites use cookies in order to provide and simplify the use of their functionality. Through the cookies, data is stored on the user’s device, for example, to notify the website that a user is signed in, and thereby simplifying its usage.

The user can delete the cookies at any time, as well as change their browser settings so that certain websites are not allowed to store cookies. In doing so, the user may limit or disable some functionality of the website.

5.2. Usage statistics

Google Analytics is used on the websites listed under point 5., for purposes of measuring usage behavior, particularly clicks, and to detect changes in market trends. Blue Lion Guides anonymizes your IP address and does not share your personal data with Google Analytics. You can delete or block cookies at any time, or notify us about your preferences by changing your user settings at any point in time.

The anonymized data is stored for up to 24 months.

5.3. Advertising

Blue Lion Guides displays its own as well as third party advertising through partners such as Google AdSense.

These third party providers use cookies in order to show personalized advertising based on the user’s interests during previous visits to the website.

6. Deletion
The user has the right to request deletion of their account at any time. This request can be sent in writing, via an email to

As part of the account deletion, all personal data stored by Blue Lion Guides, as well as that stored by third parties, will be irreversibly deleted. Processing of such a deletion request may take up to 30 days.

In addition to that, every user has the right to correct errors in their data or to request a report with an overview of all of their data which had been gathered by tripwolf up to that point. This request also must be sent in written form to the above mentioned email address. A request for this data collection report can only be fulfilled before or in absence of a request for account deletion.

7. Final provisions
Exclusively French law is applicable. The court responsible for legal matters is that in Paris, France.

Any change in the privacy policy shall become effective on the date given in the latest version of the document. No notification of change is required. Should a user not agree to the terms and conditions or the privacy policy, they may request deletion of their account at any time.

Blue Lion Guides cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to user data (e.g. through system failure or hacking).

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