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Affichage des articles du novembre, 2014

We'll Always Have Paris' big competiton!

Shari and Rebecca, the authors of the "Founding Fathers in Paris Guided Tour" app, recently launched a quiz competition from their Facebook Page " We'll Always Have Paris ": So, have you had enough of Paris-related quotes for a while? We have-although, in general, everything about Paris exhilarates us! But we haven’t had enough of Paris-related series and lists. (As you know if you’ve been following us, or as y ou can see if you scroll through the past several months’ worth of postings, the quote series was preceded by a list of French inventions and one highlighting Paris and France superlatives: what the city and country do best, most, etc.) Our next series promises to be not only interesting for all our readers but also lucrative for one very well informed, Paris-loving, quick-on-the-draw fan. There will be one question per week for the next ten weeks (most of them concerning the Founding Fathers in Paris, some of them of broader interest). Be